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An inclination to understand or know the unknown; all humans seem to have this. Faith is a profound part of the human experience. Typically found in traditional sacred settings such as religious institutions, this search for a higher understanding or awakening can manifest itself in profane everyday life as well. Despite the vastly different approaches, a common idea of spirituality is a personal exploration exists at the core of all of them.

Abraham Maslow psychologist in the 60’s described a peak experience "felt as a self- validating, self-justifying moment which carries its own intrinsic

value with it." Furthermore, the person is the "creative center of his (or her) own activities."Through portraits of individuals in their personal sacred settings. provide a sense of place and the individuals connection to their idea of spirituality. In bringing these different paths together to bridge the gaps between the differences people have and highlight their commonalities instead.

With my work I’d like to introduce faith as a valid conversation to be had instead of dismissed. Putting it on the table as something to be thought about and considered with no hesitation or embarrassment.

Each individual in this project has their own story to hear what their experience with spirituality is visit soundcloud at 

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