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Vice President Kamala Harris toured Babylon Micro-Farms in Scott’s Addition on Thursday, May 4, 2023, as part of the National Small Business Week celebration. Harris spoke to a gathering of small business owners, state and local officials, highlighting the Biden-Harris administration's commitment to small businesses and manufacturing, emphasizing their pivotal role in the American economy and their employment of nearly half of all private sector workers.

Alexander Olesen (right) and Graham Smith (left) founded Babylon Micro-Farms in 2017. These environmentally-friendly hydroponic indoor farms originally started as a school project but was born into a business when Olesen and Smith aimed to use hydroponic farms for humanitarian efforts. Today, their remotely-managed indoor farms serve commercial dining operators nationwide, from universities to hospitals, and are located in their warehouse on Carlton St in Scott’s Addition, after starting in Charlottesville.

Harris praised Babylon Micro-Farms for its cutting-edge technology, which she believes will aid in feeding millions worldwide, citing the company as a prime example of the innovation small businesses bring. Harris acknowledged the common struggle of small businesses to access capital and outlined her administration's efforts to tackle this challenge by expanding access to capital, including investments in community banks, particularly in underserved communities.


Images taken on assignment with Richmond Free Press| Published May 11-13, 2023 Issue - A1 + A4



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