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Area leaders rally ideas to try to stem gun violence killing the city

Richmond leaders and organizations are pressing for proactive, community focused solutions to halt gun violence in the wake of sever shooting deaths and injuries in recent days.

Richmond police department and faith leaders held a prayer vigil on November 17th 2021 honoring the lives of two children Abdul Bani-Ahmad, 9, and Rahquan Logan,14 who were killed from gunshots last week at a convenience store on Nine Mile Road and Creighton Ct. The vigil was held outside the convenience store owned by Abdul's family where the shooting occurred. Attendees formed a circle and joined hands as faith leaders took turns saying prayers. After prayers, many of the attendees including City Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille went up to console the father of 9-year-old Abdul, Kahlid Mahasneh. Chief of Police Gerald M. Smith spoke during the vigil repeating "it needs to stop now" referring to the gun violence that has taken too many young children's lives.

See published images and read more in Richmond Free Press| November 18 - 20, 2021 Issue - A6


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