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Being seen, being heard

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility. In honor of this day members LGBTQ+ community and allies gathered at Monroe Park speaking up against current legislation taking away rights and autonomy of transgender individuals and youth.

Bri (bottom left), Richmond activist and one of the organizers of today's event said " the point of today is showing up for trans youth and the trans community as a whole. We're not looking for a win, we just want a chance to live so we can find our happiness, comfort, and joy."

Ember Adams (bottom right) , age 21, is a future student and is currently experiencing homelessness but fortunately will be getting housing next week. Adams also spoke at the event about trauma he experienced as a transgender teen, he ended by saying, " There is hope, for all of us who are struggling, there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Nene (bottom left photo) made signs with her children Tyler (right) and Jasper (middle). Nene stated "I refuse to be silent", she attended to support her children and stand up for the rights of trans youth and community. Shannon McKay (bottom right photo) executive director of He Sh Ze and We distributes pins for the Transgender Day of Visiblity to make known resources He Sh Ze and We provides for the transgender community and others in need.

While trans people have seen an increase in support over the past decade, they still face severe discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality. State legislatures across the country are debating – and in some cases passing – legislation specifically designed to descriminaqte against LGBTQ people. Our legal system often does not protect Trans people from discrimination based on our gender identity. Trans people experience violence and live in poverty at elevated rates compared to the average person, and for trans people of color, these rates are even higher.


Images taken on assignment with Richmond Free Press| Published April 6-8, 2023 Issue - A3



Organizations in Richmond that support the trans community:

  • @heshezeandwe empowers families, allies, and communities to create life-saving, inclusive environments in which transgender and nonbinary people can thrive.

  • @MarshaandMarians is designed by youth for youth that provides housing to 18-24 year olds who are experiencing housing instability and who also identify as LGBTQ+, pregnant and/or parenting.

  • @sidebysidevirginia creates supportive communities where VAs LGBTQ+ youth can define themselves, belong, and flourish.


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