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ChinaFest: Year of the Wood Dragon took place Feb. 3 at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The celebration of the Lunar New Year included vibrant performances, hands-on art activities, and collaborative community art-making project. Dancers from Yu Dance Arts were among several performers to the delight of museum goers.

Dragon dancers of the Choy Wun Dance Troupe also were part of the many creative performers.

Middle, dancers Bella (left), Angela (center), and Amy of On The One Dance Co. performed “Swimming Upstream and Jumping.” The dance, inspired by the form of a fish, embodies excitement, resilience, and an enterprising spirit, reflecting the courage of individuals navigating challenges in this era. It symbolizes perseverance against adversity,with dancers pushing against the current and braving the elements. In Chinese culture, fish symbolize luck and prosperity.

Dalton Zheng gives an artist demonstration of a series of ink paintings during ChinaFest: Year of the Wood Dragon at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on Saturday, Feb 3, 2024. The series is inspired by a story about Zhang Sengyao, the most well known artist of South Liang Dynasty (02-557 CE) and the favorite court painter of Emperor Wu of Liang (464-549 CE).


Images taken on assignment with Richmond Free Press| Feb 8-10, 2024 Issue - A1 + B4



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