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Lights Camera Action

The 8th Afrikana Film Festival recently presented the premier of its first film production “Ninki Nanka” on Sept. 16. The film was written by revel denkyem, directed by LeRon Lee, and produced in partnership with Oakwood Arts and VPM.

Bottom Left, the festival’s founder, Enjoli Moon, greets former Afrikana board member Josh Epperson, who now is the festival’s creative adviser. Top Left, Actors in “Ninki Nanka” include Noelle Ramsay, Tiffany Jana and Jon Cope. Bottom Middle, Jaida Cureton was the film’s hair and makeup artist. Top Middle,Neci Hill and Paris Boynes, were among the production’s crew members and a part of OA JET a job education training program ran by Oakwood Arts a non profit based in Richmond's East End. Bottom Right, LeRon Lee, the films director takes a photo with “Ninki Nanka” actor Jon Cope.


Images taken on assignment with Richmond Free Press| Sep 28 - 30, 2023 Issue - B2



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